Quick selling your property in order to pay off debt

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If your home is going to be repossessed or if you want to sell off the property in order to pay off debt, you can easily do that. It is possible to either sell off your property or rent it in order to meet the financial obligations. However, before you can sell off your property in order to get that money, you need to know the details of your home and if it has enough value so that you are able to get good money from the sale.

Selling your property

You can sell off your property in order to pay off your unsecured debts or even your mortgage or any other secured debts. However, this should be your last option. Only after trying out all other “pay off debt” options should you opt for selling off your home. If you sell your house, you will be able to get a lump sum that you can use to pay off your debts – secured or unsecured.

However, if you have decided to sell off your property quickly, you can’t simply hand over the keys of your home to the mortgage lender and sit back. You can rather try to sell the property yourself so that the process quickens. In most of the cases, when the keys are handed over to the lender, you will find that the property sells for much lesser value than what it would have if the owner would have been able to sell the property. Thus, you should know that if you hand over the keys to the lender, you may not be able to get the proper value and in that case, you may not be able to pay off the debts that you had been trying to pay off. Moreover, lenders also try to sell the homes at auctions and there generally the property sells off for lower amounts.

Some other things that you need to consider before selling off your property are:

  • If you are getting a proper place to live in
  • If you are going to get the proper value of your home and if at all your home is in good selling condition
  • Consider if at all selling off the property will be of any help, if the money will be of any help to pay off the debts

Before selling off your home, you need to even consider if giving the property on rent can be of some help.

Tips on how to sell your house without hiring a property agent

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Real estate agents are not very popular with the UK citizens. The reason behind it is there is a lack of trust and also a belief that they make a lot of money for too little work.

But despite such faith, 90% of the population still uses a property agent while selling their property.

You do have an alternative choice for selling your property. Why don’t you sell it in a private market to property buyers? That way you can save a lot of money as you do not have to pay for any agents at all. The process is entirely hassle-free and the best part is, whatever financial transactions are involved in the selling, they are to be taken care of by the property cash buyers.

This can also be your option if you are fearing repossession of your home. Getting evicted from the house is not a very good idea. Instead, you can sell the house for quick and instant cash and then rent back the house immediately from them. That way, you get the much needed cash as well as stay back in the same house.

The property buyers buy property irrespective of their condition. And there are so many mediator companies who have a database of trusted cash house buyers. If you are looking for instant cash on an emergency basis to repay your debts, then cash house buyers are the best option for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for a cash property buyer now.

Stop repossession: there are reasons to be cheerful

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The present housing markets in UK is not very charged up, but there is nothing to panic either. There are enough reasons to be happy about. Here is why:

1. Lending in July was better than that in June. There is a very slight increase in net secured lending to individuals. Keeping in mind the political and economically uncertain times such slight increase is also good news.

2. Most experts noted small ups and downs in house prices throughout the year. The annual rate of inflation is lowering which indicates a slow market but that’s not a falling market at all. The current situation is such that the house prices might increase or decrease. It is too early to predict. Therefore, there is no reason to despair either.

3. If you need help, it’s right there in hand. There are so much free flowing information available all over TV, Internet & newspapers about property markets all over UK.

There are also experts out there who can help you to clinch the best deal for your property.

If you are looking forward to a fast house selling option to avoid repossession, then opting for a cash buyer would be an ideal option for you. This will save you from wasting a lot of time applying for deals. Instead you will receive an efficient and fast service.

Since all the hard work is to be done by the property buyer, you would save a lot of time as well as money. Now isn’t that a reason to be cheerful?

Sell your house quickly – Put a stop to your Financial Problems

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If you are planning to sell your house quickly, you must be having a pretty tough time. According to the recent estimates by a valuation company in UK, it takes around nine weeks for a seller to sell his property. And to top it, the asking price is also falling presently.

If you are trying to sell, do not be disheartened by the present market situations. There is one option that a lot of sellers are now considering, keeping in mind the present market situation; property auction. This helps home owners to sell property fast.

Perhaps, you have a different picture of a property auction in your mind. Prices of properties are falling in an auction because either they are repossessed, or they are beyond repair work. But that’s not the reality always. The major benefit of selling your property through an auction is even if the buyer pulls out before buying you can keep the 10% booking amount. This reduces the risk of a failure in the sale deal. The process takes around six to eight weeks to complete. Since you have an idea about the time span of the auction, you can plan your finances well ahead. This is a benefit that you would miss if you put your property on sale in the traditional market.

Of course you have another very viable choice. If you want to sell your property fast for any reason like paying back debts or mortgage arrears, then you can also go for a private cash buyer. Home cash buyers make the process of buying your property pretty uncomplicated and also offer you the appropriate value for your property.

Property Related Issues? Talk to the Springbok!

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Facing property related issues? Here’s the solution

Yellow Springbok Group is your ultimate guide for any property related problems- be it property buying, property selling, property repossession, property investments, property franchises, rent back schemes, rent to buy….we do it all.

Yellow Springbok group is UK’s market leader in providing property related assistance.

Yellow Springbok are quick cash buyers that can buy your property within days. No matter why you are selling your property. Yellow Springbok can buy any type of property, any condition, anywhere in the UK.

Yellow Springbok group is also a leading name in property investments and investor education by creating win-win situation for home buyers and sellers.

Yellow Springbok group also provides other property related assistance like rent back scheme guidance, rent to buy deals etc. for home owners and buyers across UK.

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Your one-stop property shop for the best advice in property related matters.

House sale- Quickest, Simplest, Easiest Way

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Looking for making a quick house sale?

Whats your reason?

Financial difficulties
Broken Chain
Unrequired Inherited property

Whatever is your reason for fast house sale, we can help you with our tailor-made solutions to buy your property quickly.


UK’s Leading Propety Buyer Fast Property Solutions if now Yellow Springbok.

Yellow Springbok is the new name for the fast property sale trouble-shooters in the UK.

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